Yard Sale Day: We Sell more $$$ than we thought  | Wandering Journey VLOG ep 18

Yard Sale Day: We Sell more $$$ than we thought ep 18

Our Yard Sale/Moving Sale ended up being a LOT of work. Honestly we had not held one, actually never. So we had no idea of what to expect except for what friends had told us. Despite it all we brought in a lot more $$$ than expected!

Was it worth our time and all of the trouble when we still had so much work to do on the house?

For 6 months we have been preparing to sell everything so we can travel. Our Journey to Becoming location independent continues…

Camera, Gear & tools used to create this video


Sony RX100V

Graphics: Envato Elements


Family Photograph by AlexanderRufire 👉 Envato Elements

Inspiring Ambient Technology by kornevmusic 👉 Envato Elements

How much is your best Yard Sale Haul?

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