Chaos Revisited: Still Painting on Listing Day | Wandering Journey VLOG ep 19

The last few months of house prep and selling our things has been increasingly more chaotic. Our last few days prior to listing the house were completely insane. No shower, contractors in the house, and also trying to still pack and sell our things.

For 6 months we have been preparing to sell everything so we can travel. It is getting crazy close to listing day and we don’t know if we will make our deadline.

Camera, Gear & tools used to create this video


Sony A7III
Sony RX100V
Samsung Galaxy S7


Deity S-mic 3

Graphics: Envato Elements


Uplifting Electronic by Micrah 👉 Envato Elements

Summer Grooving by guitarsstate 👉 Envato Elements

Does it still seem worth it all for us to do this?

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