Our Last Day as Homeowners and Joel wins a DOVE award! | Wandering Journey ep 22

Our Last Day as Homeowners has arrived

Episode 22 of our Wandering Journey

At long last the day has come for us to hand over the keys of our home of 12 years to it’s new owner. That makes us officially homeless, so to make our transition easier and a place to sleep we moved to an AirBnB for our last few days in Nashville. We had already sold or given away almost everything we own, like our bed, and packed up the last few items in a U-Haul Ubox so the AirBnB was necessary if we wanted to get a good nights sleep.

Our last few days end up being quite hectic. Like having tire issues just prior to our big road trip out west and trying to still get work done for our clients. Not to mention attending the Gospel Music Associations Dove Awards ceremony were Joel won the highest honor in Christian music, a Dove Award, for his producing Danny Gokey’s “Havent’ Seen it yet” Music Video!

You can use our AirBnB code if your first time to save a few buck and help us out. Follow along on our Journey to Becoming location independent.


Camera, Gear & tools used to create this video


Yi 4k Action camera

Samsung Galaxy S8 active


Rode Micro

Graphics: Envato Elements


Inspirational Summer Travel by Antarctic 👉 Envato Elements

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Would you trust a patched tire for a major road trip?

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